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Vehicle tracking made easy!
Call 01782 454900 to find out more
£6.99 + VAT / month
That's 23p per day!!
  • Vehicle tracking for multiple users
  • Real time updates using GPS/GPRS
  • Daily / weekly reports & timesheets
  • Vehicle route replay facility
  • System configuration control
  • Cloud based maps with satellite view

12 month contract

£9.99 + VAT / month
That's 33p per day!!
  • Vehicle tracking features
  • Tailored daily e-mail reports
  • Speed and driver behaviour reports
  • Real-time geofencing alerts
  • Fleet management organiser
  • Cloud based maps with satellite view

12 month contract

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Our remote monitoring technology can be used for more than just vehicle tracking.
Check out how else it can be used:

  • - Asset Tracking for farms and sites
  • - Bespoke Service
  • - Motorbike tracking
  • - Caravan tracking
  • - Plant Machinery
  • - Motorhomes
  • - Lone Workers
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Our cloud hosted tracking and remote information system will help your company to improve asset visibility, security and productivity. Central tracking will help you to reduce response and travelling times, reduce fuel and vehicle costs, increase productivity and comply with your corporate responsibilities.

Features include:
  • Cloud based – No new IT investment needed
  • Real time asset location, speed, heading and status
  • Accurate journey histories with reports
  • Programmable alerts
  • Free Fleet Manager Utility

Central Tracking is based in England and believes in UK services. We aim to be transparent in all we do. To be knowledgeable, professional and approachable in the fast moving world of remote information monitoring.

Our systems and services feature:
  • UK offices and call centres
  • UK Hosting for our CLOUD servers
  • Approved vehicle hardware installers
  • Over 40 years combined technology experience for the two founding partners

Our tracking system requires two things. A device to be fitted into the vehicle or asset and the ability for you to see and use the internet. Once we've discussed your requirements we'll arrange for one of or technicians to fit a tracking device to the selected asset. Once fitted we'll generate a log-in area on our server and you then be able to view all that the asset does. The device fitted will detect where it is using the GPS system and relay this information to our server via the GSM system. We'll be constantly updating our knowledge centre with clear easy to follow "how-to" videos to assist you in maximising the potential of your investment.

Even if you don't need your vehicles or assets tracking right now we're giving everyone a free log in to our Essential Fleet Manager.
So whether you've got a vehicle for every member of the family or you're a large haulier you can host all of your vehicle details in one place.
You can record all your vehicle details and ask our fleet manager to send you reminders of when any up and coming renewals or inspections are due.
Our Essential Fleet Manager is THE tool for modern vehicle management.

Find out all you need to know about how you can get the most from our tracking system.

Check out the Central Tracking Racing Team competing in the Triumph Triple Challenge 2014

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