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Vehicle tracking made easy!
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We offer a section of tracking devices to suit your specific needs.

The CT-1100

CT 1100 Tracker

The CT-1100 is a compact and advanced tracking device.

Inside are two circuits combining the GPS coordinates and the GSM data stream.

The size of the units allows covert installation into the smallest of places allow our engineers plenty of scope to hide the units well away from prying eyes.

The CT-IP67

CT IP67 Tracker

The CT-IP67 is a more robust device.

Waterproof and with a back up battery this device will be used for installations of outside vehicles, trailers, caravans and plant machinery.

The CT-CANTech

CT CANTech Tracker

Central Trackings more advanced unit.

This tracker will integrate with your vehicles ECU.
Once installed it can relay exact vehicle information to your cloud server log-in.
You can see exact speeds, air bag deployment as well as driver behaviour.

This device requires a more in-depth installation and will be subject to vehicle type.